Re: [Evolution] Folder-specific Threaded option

First of all, thanx for your comments.

Christopher James Lahey <clahey ximian com> writes:

You can use the shortcut pane to some degree with small icons instead of
large ones on large numbers of folders.

to some degree. But, for mailinglists, I like to have  a tree-like
structure (e.g. all CVS-commit and announce lists for foo under the
main foo folder) to have it at least a bit organized (by the way, it
would be extremely helpful if it would be possible to have containers
in the folder tree that are not folders themself, just for grouping
purposes. Maybe if only the leaves would be folders?). 

You also, if you don't want to use VFolders, can use saved searches.
Thus you build the search that you want to apply to your folder and then
you can choose the search from the popdown menu in the search bar.  It's
something half way in between searches and VFolders in terms of

I'm not saying you should change, but I'm curious why you don't want to
have just an INBOX with VFolders.  I find this incredibly convenient in
lots of ways.

First of all, I don't have a unraed count on them (but maybe this
could be fixed sometime, so it's maybe only a missing feature for now)

But let's just play the example of ~30 mailinglists with
vfolders. First of all, I am not really sure how performace would
degrade after say 2 years of all my mailinglist mail in one INBOX, and
using vfolders everytime I enter a group. Second, I normally want to
see the new, unread msg. for list "foo". So I create a vfolder for
it. By the way, can I create a vfolder that shows all mails, unread or
not, that are themself unread or have a unread descendent
(thread-wise)? I don't see any way. Not that it would be possible with
normal folders...

But then occasionally I want to see all mails read and unread. So I
need another vfolder for the mailinglist? Or would I need to specify
the vfolder just for the mailinglist and then I would again use the
"hide read" command regulary?

And how can I say that all messages older than X should be
automatically be expunged? Of course I only want this to happen on my
Mailinglist folders, not on private/business mail. 

These are just some examples that maybe show that certain criteria for
viewing/handling should be bound to a folder, not a message.


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