Re: [Evolution] Folder-specific Threaded option

On 17 May 2001 19:00:37 +0200, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
Dan Winship <danw ximian com> writes:

a mixture of imap and vfolders I never, ever use anything in 'local',
and yet it is fully expanded every time Evolution opens.

By 1.0, the folder tree will definitely remember the state of
open/closed nodes between sessions. It may be possible to rearrange
things as well.

This would be very very nice.
Note that you can also create shortcut bar panes, using small icons
(right click to select that), ordered however you want.

That doesn't address my previous concern. You can't handle ~30
mailinglists with the shortcut pane, and you really don't want to have
another ~30 vfolders for every one of them (and I really want to
physically sort my mailing lists into folders each, not have a inbox
or other folder with zillions of mals that are looked upon via a

You can use the shortcut pane to some degree with small icons instead of
large ones on large numbers of folders.

You also, if you don't want to use VFolders, can use saved searches.
Thus you build the search that you want to apply to your folder and then
you can choose the search from the popdown menu in the search bar.  It's
something half way in between searches and VFolders in terms of

I'm not saying you should change, but I'm curious why you don't want to
have just an INBOX with VFolders.  I find this incredibly convenient in
lots of ways.


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