Re: [Evolution] Folder-specific Threaded option

Abe Fettig <abe fettig net> writes:

As far as I can tell, the "View->Threaded" option is currently global.
Wouldn't it be better to set this on a folder-by-folder basis?  For
example, I like to have the threaded view for mailing lists, but not for
my inbox.

Just a thought. Evolution looks great!

I would like that, too. Unfortunately there's no way currently to set
certain Options on a per folder basis. Some stuff (like "Hide Read messages")
seems to work on a per folder basis, other stuff doesn't. 

Also the UI for these Options is very strange, for "Hide Read
messages" you have the menu entry, but there is no check mark when
it's selected, to unselect you have to select "Show all"... and this
state is folder local... UI from hell :-(

I think one would want to set values for folders in a dedicated
dialog, and these menue entries  will become again what they have
been, just commands that don't set a persistant status. Also they
should be greyed out (if a folder has status "Show all", there's no
need to have the menu entry there selectable)

There are other things I'd like to set on a per folder basis:

* The default To: address when calling compose from "inside" a folder
* Threaded or not
* Hide Read or not

and a whole bunch of other options... for reference, just look at
gnus' options that can be set on groups, remove about 2/3 of them and
implement the remaining zillions of them :-)


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