Re: [Evolution] Q: Adding to contacts from message

On 05 Jun 2001 09:02:07 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:


Right-click on their name in the headers.  Their details will pop-up,
with "add to contacts" underneath.

That's not automatic; that's manually adding. He wants all addresses he
sends to/replies to added to the address book, with no user intervention.
That's what Outlook Express does.

I actually have had a bug in Bugzilla for this feature request for
a while.  I personally prefer Mozilla Mail's behavior, which adds the
e-mail addresses found in all messages that I view.  

On 05 Jun 2001 10:56:03 +0200, Dennis Gurnick wrote:
Is it possible to automatically (a la Outlook) to add a person to
"Contacts" using a received message? In other words, to not have to
manually enter the name/email address for each person if a message from
them is present.

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