Re: [Evolution] Q: Adding to contacts from message

Please no - at least not default. As somebody who's on too many mailing
lists for their own good, I'd go nuts having to manually purge my
adressbook once every few days of useless (to me) mail adresses.

On 05 Jun 2001 11:49:38 -0700, Miles Lane wrote:
On 05 Jun 2001 09:02:07 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:


Right-click on their name in the headers.  Their details will pop-up,
with "add to contacts" underneath.

That's not automatic; that's manually adding. He wants all addresses he
sends to/replies to added to the address book, with no user intervention.
That's what Outlook Express does.

I actually have had a bug in Bugzilla for this feature request for
a while.  I personally prefer Mozilla Mail's behavior, which adds the
e-mail addresses found in all messages that I view.  

On 05 Jun 2001 10:56:03 +0200, Dennis Gurnick wrote:
Is it possible to automatically (a la Outlook) to add a person to
"Contacts" using a received message? In other words, to not have to
manually enter the name/email address for each person if a message from
them is present.

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