Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

My dream is that you enter into a new phase of commentary within this stream
I would like to characterize in true self fulfilling prophecy style as
"non-verbose".  Perhaps also more "relevant", more "where's the beef?" would
also be my dream.  Take it private.

SourceView Corportion is seeking worldwide affiliations with a variety of
1. Software programmers, whom it will pay to write paradigm shifting
2. Content providers;
3. Potential webmasters to manage our 100+ websites
4. Venture Capitalists/Angels to invest in our ventures;
5. Marketing persons.

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That is the dream - let's not lose site of this.  This is what would
make OGS qualitatively different than any other typical GW

This is not only the dream, it MUST be a requirment


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