Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

If some weirdo wanted to implement some components to store the data ni
XML files, they could do that. The implementation will be completely
seperated from the OGS definition.


I think we will be able to beat them at this game, because we are open.
We are not limited on the various client implementations and server
implementations that can take place. If you use Exchange Server, you
must basicly use Outlook. If you use Notes server, your stuck with Notes
client. When this OGS is in place, you could use "The phpGroupWare OGS
Server" as your server and Evolution or OpenOffice as your client. At
some point someone will build a better/faster OGS server, and the
clients will be able to simply point to it without any change in their

That is the dream - let's not lose site of this.  This is what would
make OGS qualitatively different than any other typical GW

Agreed. And just about everything needs to be done in well definable
layers, so that any layer can be replaced by better/specialized


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