Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

On 07 Feb 2001 14:14:31 -0500, srl wrote:
It seems like there are plenty of groups that are working on
groupware and shared calendaring. It's clear to everyone that the
open-source community needs solutions to fill these needs. I think
that a lot could be accomplished by having everyone who's working on
calendaring and/or groupware get on one list and talk about their
plans and current progress. 

Yes - when I first looked into this subject I found about 20 groupware
projects in sourceforge, and not many of them had gotten anywhere.  I
think it would be useful to contact those people and ask them for input,
get a feel for what they had in mind, and pick over the bones of the
dead projects for useful ideas.  Some may be interested in participating
actively if there is some indication that this is a serious project
witha multi-developer following.

I'm all for getting gung-ho and putting fingertips to the keyboard, but
it's wasted effort if you don't have a coherent concept.  I'm not
advocating committee paralysis, just some simple discussion over what
will / will not be addressed in the project and setting some priorities.

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