Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

I agree that a core design needs to take place before any code is
written. But beyond that im going to start building the OGS Server
wrapper to phpGroupWare as a test bed. If things need to change, tahts
fine... wrappers are not usually that hard to tweak.

Are you looking at this project through phpGW-colored glasses?  You just
said you were going to "start building the OGS Server wrapper to
phpGroupWare".  What can that possibly mean if OGS has not yet even been

I appreciate that you have multiple projects to support, but there's a
lot of design work to be done on an OGS (aka "the" OGS).  I don't even
think phpGW should be in the picture until we know what we're working
toward.  If OGS and phpGW are going to be joined at the hip, "the" OGS
will not be "an" OGS.  It will be an extension of phpGW.

I don't want to get into a slap-fight over this, but to talk about
starting to code on the second or third *day* of the *inception of the
idea* of a project strikes me as reckless.

Let's take a head-count, get an organized discussion going on about what
OGS is, what it will do, who it's for, lay out a roadmap, and then
decide where we're going to go.

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