Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

Absolutely.  We need to define the functions, define an architecture
they fit into, then address each function within that architecture.  It
doesn't mean you have to have a complete blueprint before you start, but
you have to resolve interdependencies and make sure one module's
implementation doesn't conflict with another's (eventual)
implementation.  By just jumping in you waste time and end up having to
either throw away code or force subsequent code to accommodate mistakes
made in the first round.

I agree that a core design needs to take place before any code is
written. But beyond that im going to start building the OGS Server
wrapper to phpGroupWare as a test bed. If things need to change, tahts
fine... wrappers are not usually that hard to tweak.

I'll start a thread called "What Is OGS?".  It's time for us to start
sharing knowledge about the different parts of the elephant.

We might as well start this thread on the OGS mailing list. Look on for the details.
I only registered the domain today, so the DNS records may not be fully
into affect for a couple days.


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