Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

The hierarchical relationships will have to be stored on the server.
You might want to provide developers with operations like "delete this
branch of tasks from the tree".  etc.  without having to incur multiple
network calls to delete each child element.

Good point

I don't see this as an advantage.  Isn't some sort of roadmap useful
before coding?  Everyone here could be talking about something

Document/road map first. Yes... but Im also going to start hacking some
tests together to verify that the design will be practicle. I also will
adjust phpGW so that it can be quickly adapted as the first OGS server
implementation. I personally think that documenting by writing code is a
decent way to go. At least after you have the basic concepts documented

Will Evo support OGS if it intends to produce its own back end
eventually?  Can someone talk to them and get opinions?

I have no idea at this point. I can only hope


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