Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

    - Item views (hierarchical folders, etc)

I think this goes to client side code and doesnt really involve the
backend design.

The hierarchical relationships will have to be stored on the server.
You might want to provide developers with operations like "delete this
branch of tasks from the tree".  etc.  without having to incur multiple
network calls to delete each child element.

We can learn from the GLUE project very much. First and foremost is to
START hacking. The GLUE project has gone nowhere for a LONG time. From
what I have seen, its been lost in committee since it was started. I
simply would rather push forward on my one, develop the interface and
the first implmentation using phpGW as my base and deliver the thing to
the world. If Evo and OO want to make use of it at that point, all the
better. If not, I will know I did my best.

I don't see this as an advantage.  Isn't some sort of roadmap useful
before coding?  Everyone here could be talking about something

As far as not using a server-based solution, I think thats not going to
provide the flexibility and power that would be require to compete with
solutions like Notes and Exchange. It would cripple the entire project.
Evo seems to have designed their code to be able to connect to a server
when it one day appears. This was a very smart move.

Will Evo support OGS if it intends to produce its own back end
eventually?  Can someone talk to them and get opinions?

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