Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

So, what is 'groupware'?
      * calendaring
      * email access
      ? newsgroup access
      * email alias/list management
      * shared file access (webdav?)
      * todo lists
      * project/progress tracking
      * address book(s)

All of the above qualify.  Some other thoughts:

    - Links between items
    - Item views (hierarchical folders, etc)
    - User-administrable permissions system
    - Replication
    - Concurrency control
    - Distributable (off-line + syncing, PDA's etc)

Prioritizing is important.

Where does Mozilla fit into this?

Should it?  Except as a potential client?

Where do Evo and OO fit in?  Interest and assistance from existing
projects that might use these services would be a big help.

What can we learn from Gnu Glue?  The concept is closest to what I had
in mind.  Markus seemed to be opposed to a server-based model though,
and I can't see an *entirely* distributed model working in practice.

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