Re: [Evolution] "Source Account" Filter does not work


On 23 Aug 2001 15:40:46 -0500, sirkus wrote:
It seems the "Source Account" filter still does not work.  What's the status
on this?

I did a query on bugzilla and the only bug I found near this was #7803

But I don't think it's the same bug.  #7803 is about the filter values
not being retained on the config dialog... not about the filter failing
to work.

You might want to go ahead and enter it as a bug so that it can be
tracked.  (if you do enter it, please be as detailed as possible and
don't forget to mention what version of Evolution you're using)



For more explanation:
I'm using 6 POP accounts with Evo, and I'm trying to place the incoming mail
from one account into a single folder.  So I create a filter that says "From
the AAA BBB com source account, move to folder AAABBB".. however this
doesn't do anything.

Evolution is really coming along incredibly.  Keep up the great work.


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