Re: [Evolution] import of Netscape mail folders? ev0 0.11.99

On 07 Aug 2001 16:35:15 -0500, Thomas Dodd wrote:
Eric Lambart wrote:

Beware when creating folders in Evo; due to a bug, in the folder-create
window you have to make sure to select "Local Folders" to be the parent
folder unless you really want to create the new folder beneath whichever
folder you currently are viewing.  You have to do this EVERY TIME.  I
still mess up and have to delete new folders that ended up in the wrong

I would not consider this a BUG. The fact that netscape
Always tried to create new folders one level higher
than the current level is a BUG to me.

Better to select the desired parent, then crate new
folder. If that doesn't work I'd call it a bug.

I agree wholeheartedly.  What I'm calling a bug is the fact that you
_cannot_ select "Local Folders" to be the parent before clicking
File->New->Folder.  Any time you click on "Local Folders" in the main
window, the selection jumps away again.  You can select any other folder
and File->New->Folder will want to create a subfolder beneath the
selected folder, as it should.  

We just need to be able to select "Local Folders" from the folder bar so
we can then easily create at that level.


Why does Evo need the "subfolders" directory?
evolution/local/folder1/folder2/mbox should be enough.

I was wondering that myself.  At least it's not quite as convoluted as
the extraneous levels that Mozilla adds to the mail directory tree.


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