Re: [Evolution] LDAP support

Jason Wojciechowski wrote:

It certainly deosn't sound like you appreciate the work we're doing
here, this is very unpleasant to read.

If they didn't appreciate the work, they wouldn't bother writing in with
thoughts on how to make it better.

I agree with Jason.  It looks like Matthew took a lot of time researching
this and felt he had good comments.  LDAP support is very important to many
users and groups.  For example, my organization does not use Netscape 6
because it does not have LDAP support.  I think ximian is making a very big
mistake if they do not resolve this LDAP issue before evolution it is
released.  Send it to the lawyers if that is what is need or find another
package which fits the GPL but resolve it.

And if you are not going to resolve it, take off all references to LDAP.
You still have in the default folders a "Other Contacts" sections with
various LDAP Directories.  If you do not support LDAP please remove this
section and take off the option to add an LDAP directory to the contacts.


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