Re: [Evolution] LDAP support

I agree as well.  Also, it would be nice to update the ximian faq on
evolution to explain the ldap situation until it has been resolved.

The LDAP menus should be disabled or a popup explaining that LDAP support
was not compiled in should be displayed.  The Ximian Evolution FAQ should
also be updated describing the situation with LDAP, so users don't have to
mail this list or spend time digging through archives.  (After all, isn't
that what a FAQ is for?)

I love Evolution and I appreciate the work being done.  But not everyone
can be expected to compile evolution.  The evolution README itself says
that "Compiling evolution is hard".  I would believe that over 85% of
all LDAP sites will not use evolution because of this issue alone.

Just to highlight the difficulty of compiling evo for ldap:
(And I consider myself a very experienced Unix programmer)
I was able to finally get evolution compiled (after almost a day and a
half of work fulfilling all dependencies that were not found by
configure and lot listed in the README, and waiting for the compile to
complete) to find that I get the message "Unable to start Evolution Shell".
I searched the archives and finally sent a message to this list describing
it, but I never received a reply.  After that I just decided to be
patient and wait on using evolution for a while.

So I guess I'll throw in another vote for the urgency of resolving the
LDAP issues.  Thanks for the work done on this very cool looking product.
I can't wait until it gets to the point where I can actually use it at my
place of work.

Brian Hayward

I agree with Jason.  It looks like Matthew took a lot of time researching
this and felt he had good comments.  LDAP support is very important to many
users and groups.  For example, my organization does not use Netscape 6
because it does not have LDAP support.  I think ximian is making a very big
mistake if they do not resolve this LDAP issue before evolution it is
released.  Send it to the lawyers if that is what is need or find another
package which fits the GPL but resolve it.

And if you are not going to resolve it, take off all references to LDAP.
You still have in the default folders a "Other Contacts" sections with
various LDAP Directories.  If you do not support LDAP please remove this
section and take off the option to add an LDAP directory to the contacts.


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Brian Hayward

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