[Evolution] How about a REAL bounce command?

Okay, everybody's been talking about a remail bounce command all the time.
How about a command that REALLY bounces a message? If I get spam and it
says I should reply with REMOVE in the subject, what do you think the
chance is of them removing my address from their list? However, if I can
make my reply look like a bounced message, that would get the spamming bot
to automatically remove my address from the list.

Oh, if there was a 'forward as attachment' command instead of a
bounce/remail command it would be perfectly okay for me, because user
opens message, then opens attachment and clicks reply on the attachment.
He won't reply to me again.

Sarel Botha
sjbotha email com

99 little bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code,
          fix one bug, compile it again...
          101 little bugs in the code....

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