[Evolution] Re: several messages about bounce/remail

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Chon-Chon Tang wrote:

I don't think the feature being requested here is help in moving mail
wholesale from account to account.  The problem is users sometimes have
individual pieces of email that they have to redirect, bounce, re-send
(pick your favorite name) to other accounts.  Quite often I get emailed
queries that are sent to me for re-routing to other members of my group.
Or sometimes I receive email that's really the responsibility of some
other department entirely.  I don't want to have to set Reply-To headers
explicitly.  I don't want to confuse some poor temp in some other
department that ends up replying to me instead of the real destination.

There, another voice for bounce =).

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Andrew Nishigaya wrote:

With the bounce command, I can "bounce" the mail to the correct address
and the new recipient can interact with the original sender as if I were
never in the loop.

Speaking as a support droid who has to handle and respond to emails
for a living dealing with messages passed on from other droids via
forward or Eudora's Redirect command are annoying and make responding
to email take longer.

Bounce (as implemented in pine/elm) preserves the original To: address
(makes it easier for filtering and determining the originally context of
the message.  Eudora's Redirect command breaks the To address and
has had me quite confused a couple of times in the past fortnight)
and the original From:

I have the latest helix-code updates, but I still use pine for email
because it has the bounce ability, among other reasons (like PGP support,
mail stored in normal text files, its very light-weight, etc...)

I've used Netscape, Balsa, Star Office, and other GUI mail clients for a
number of months, but I keep coming back to pine.  I joined this list
because I am hoping that Evolution will give me a reason to switch.

-- nori

I use Pine because it lets me deal with the volume of mail that I receive
(work, personal, social and mailing lists).  I certainly don't want
Evolution's mail handling capabilities to be constrained in any way,
especially if the calendaring integration (my desire for my mail client
to help keep track of my life) happens.  Evolution must be able to scale,
Pine and Eudora (and possibly mutt too) have been the only email clients
that I can honestly say so far can deal with my mail requirements.
I hope Evolution doesn't suffer from the 90%/10% problem that most other
mail readers out there suffer - they can handle 90% of the day
to day features that a mail program needs, but miss the 10% that allow
the user to cope with arbitary mail loads.

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Giao Nguyen wrote:

This seems to perpetuate the mail to the incorrect address problem. The
sender wouldn't know they sent to an incorrect address. Now, if the mail
was forwarded and the reply was, "This message was forwarded to me ..."
then they'd get the idea that maybe the first address was not the one they
should have tried. I wonder if you didn't bounce the message and
forwarded instead, fewer messages not intended for you would reach your


I'd think that you'd find in real life would be that the recipients of
your response would gradually get the hint to email directly the person
who responds to their email.  The times when I use bounce are infrequent
and are mostly one offs (either as a receiver or sender of a bounce)

Mark Tearle - mtearle tartarus uwa edu au

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
                                                       -- Oscar Wilde

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