Re: [Evolution-hackers] Addressbook UI thoughts

> > But the scaling bit is probably better than anything you have anyways.
> But of course scaling is trivial with a flat view ...

Yes, but this does grouping, as I mentioned before.

> > I think we want to have a new widget for that display mode, for Evo 2.0
> > you cant really use Mono if you wanted to, but you should definitely
> > write a simple widget, along the lines of what I did.
> So we'll need two different widgets for the different views?

Thats my suggestion, yes.

> Given that the components are simpler now, it would be nice to even
> have a mono based one, even if its just a prototype.  Whats the status
> of the gc/pthreads issue?


The issue is very simple: do not put pointers to MonoObject* in the
stack to avoid doing the #include <pthread.h>, if you need to keep a
pointer to a MonoObject, do it on the heap or a structure.

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