[Evolution-hackers] Addressbook UI thoughts


I was thinking of the addressbook ui, and the two-pane idea is nice, so
you dont need the dialog to edit stuff, when we implement inline editing
for the preview stuff (is that possible? I'd like to have that)

Anyway, the horizontally split view is a bit cumbersome - of course you
see all the columns, but then again that is not really a big deal since
you can see all the data on the addressbook view pane anyway. The
drawback is that you need to scroll a lot to view the list. 

So I was thinking whether it would make sense to have this with a
vertical split pane? So that you can have just the "File As" -column
list on the left and clicking a name will open that address in the
preview/edit pane.


I think this would make it easier to find the names from the (possibly
very long) list. Clicking the name would then show the card on the right


Tuomas Kuosmanen :: Art Director, Ximian :: <tigert ximian com>

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