Re: [Evolution-hackers] Addressbook UI thoughts

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 11:02, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Does it support tree view and dnd and scale, and etc etc? :)

It does explicitly *not* support tree view, and I never did DnD.

But the scaling bit is probably better than anything you have anyways.
But of course scaling is trivial with a flat view ...

> Can you make GtkTreeView (or the list view) display like that?  Using
> a custom cell renderer for example?  We might be able to make
> gtktreeview scale, or we might not :-/
> That would probably be the way to go wouldn't it?  And more GNOME
> oriented?

I think we want to have a new widget for that display mode, for Evo 2.0
you cant really use Mono if you wanted to, but you should definitely
write a simple widget, along the lines of what I did.
So we'll need two different widgets for the different views?

This one is a tight widget, the idea was to only have a few optional
features, and it moves the logic for cell rendering into the widget,
less complexity.
Yeah i know.  I'm not having a go, it just seems that every time we start with something 'simple' it grows complex, and i just wanted to discuss possible issues.

Given that the components are simpler now, it would be nice to even have a mono based one, even if its just a prototype.  Whats the status of the gc/pthreads issue?

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