Re: What is Epiphany's role now?

On Mar 28, 2007, at 3:35 AM, William Case wrote:
This has more do do with work style than a missing feature.  At present
I can only add new toolbars or only add a few pre-created icons to my
"Main Toolbar".  I would like to add one or two program launchers like
Evo-mail, or Evo-contacts, or Evo-tasks; others might be StickyNotes or
TomBoy. I would like to add them to the Main ToolBar so I have
everything in a line at the top.
First let me say, I do this already off the Gnome panel and/or the
Workspace Switcher.  I am only thinking of ways to make things faster,
intuitive and more efficient while working.

I'm interested in understanding this better. Why would adding non-Epiphany-specific things to Epiphany's toolbar be "faster, intuitive and more efficient" than adding them to the panel? On the panel they're available available all the time, even if you don't have an Epiphany window open; and the target area is larger, because the panel is against the edge of the screen.

E.g. Suppose I could bind Wikipedia to <Ctrl><Super>W.  Then, as I work
along in, say OpenOfficeWriter and I want to look for something in
Wikipedia, without hardly skipping a beat, I could <Ctrl><Super>W and
have epiphany pop open at the Wikipedia site.

Wouldn't it be nifty if Deskbar and Epiphany used the same set of search channels! So after adding a Wikipedia search channel, you could start typing your search in a search field in Epiphany's toolbar, arrow down to "Wikipedia" from the resulting menu, and type Enter to do the search in the same window (or Ctrl+Enter to open the results in a new window). And if you didn't have an Epiphany window open, you could do exactly the same thing in Deskbar.

I do wish, someone would figure an easy ( one or two click ) way to
transfer or copy individual bookmarks from FireFox to Epiphany and back.

Yes, that would be nice to have. In the mean time you can search your
Firefox and Epiphany bookmarks simultaneously if you use the deskbar

Yes. But that is not the same, keeping in mind the speed and efficiency I am looking for in the above comments, I would like a utility that lets me transfer individual site addresses.

The UI for this already exists: it's called the Bookmarks window. All that's needed now is the implementation. :-)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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