Re: What is Epiphany's role now?

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 10:57 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> Unfortunately, I think we have lost the battle to get Epiphany installed
> as the default browser on popular Linux distributions. The Firefox brand
> was just something that they couldn't do without.
> So, how do the Epiphany developers see their role now? Is Epiphany now
> just a way to show what Firefox should do, or are you motivated by the
> needs of the few users who do use it, via the few distros that default
> to it?
I find epiphany an essential work tool -- as my second browser.

I think that developers should keep working on making it faster, cleaner
and more configurable.

Using myself and my work habits as an example.

First, when I want to explore the Internet, play, listen to music or
watch a video I use FireFox.  Its slower but gives me loads of features.
I find my Firefox bookmarks chocked full of sites that I only
occasionally return to, sometimes never, but save 'just in case'.

However, when I get down to work I use Epiphany.  It's fast and
efficient.  I keep the sites I *need* handy in its bookmarks (I use the
bookmark editor a lot as a favourites list). It's clean.  By that I
mean, little eye candy to distract me from the info I am looking for,
small boarders, one toolbar ( I do wish it was more configurable ).
Easy to copy and paste.  I also wish it was easier to add and remove
features and plugins so that I could keep it slim and trim -- but based
on what *I* need.  Each to his own, as it were.
My bookmarks in Epiphany are reduced to the minimum I need to complete a
project plus some basic constant sites like Linux google.

I do wish, someone would figure an easy ( one or two click ) way to
transfer or copy individual bookmarks from FireFox to Epiphany and back.
Then I could trim down or beef up my Epiphany bookmarks for each
project(s) and use the FireFox bookmarks as an accessable repository. 

Also, it should be possible to more closely integrate external programs
into the Epiphany toolbar.  I mean the Evo components, memos or notes
for quick pasting from the Internet  etc.  It shouldn't be necessary to
rebuild existing applications, but it would be nice to have a launch
icon or shortcut key on the toolbar or in the menu that can be added or
removed and configured by the user.  I haven't thought it through, but
surely the Gnome 'family' can make any small code changes in other
applications to enhance integration. 

If I could have the above, Epiphany would certainly become my "Work

P.S. More complete documentation would be nice.  I keep finding Epiphany
features, tips and techniques by accident that I never knew existed.
The features, tips and techniques are a good thing.  Not knowing about
them is a bad thing.

Regards Bill

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