Re: What is Epiphany's role now?

Hello William,

Op maandag 26-03-2007 om 09:49 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef William

> small boarders, one toolbar ( I do wish it was more configurable ).

The Epiphany toolbar is very configurable and you can have more than one
of them. What configurability do you think is missing?

> My bookmarks in Epiphany are reduced to the minimum I need to complete a
> project plus some basic constant sites like Linux google.

You're aware that you can add your own smart bookmark for, aren't you? :)

> I do wish, someone would figure an easy ( one or two click ) way to
> transfer or copy individual bookmarks from FireFox to Epiphany and back.

Yes, that would be nice to have. In the mean time you can search your
Firefox and Epiphany bookmarks simultaneously if you use the deskbar

> rebuild existing applications, but it would be nice to have a launch
> icon or shortcut key on the toolbar or in the menu that can be added or
> removed and configured by the user. (...)

Free-form ideas like these can be added to - no guarantees they will
ever become reality, though.

> P.S. More complete documentation would be nice.  I keep finding Epiphany
> features, tips and techniques by accident that I never knew existed.
> The features, tips and techniques are a good thing.  Not knowing about
> them is a bad thing.

It sounds like you would be qualified for the job of documentation
writer. :-)
I'm not trying to be sarcastic here; the Epiphany project *needs*
volunteers to take tasks like this one on them!


Reinout van Schouwen

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