Re: roadmap discussion

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, marduk wrote:

I think one thing that would really make Epiphany stand out is tight
integration with the GNOME environment.  To most it's still a seperate


I for one would like to see other apps integrate more with Epiphany.  If
you click on a PDF file, for example, PDF Viewer is launched, but it
would be nice if PDF viewer had a Epiphany plugin.  Same goes for such
other common GNOME apps as totem, eog, and Gnumeric.

This sounds weird to me. We've just abandoned the utter disaster that were the nautilus views - now you want to bring them back in epiphany? What's the advantage of viewing a PDF in a browser window as opposed to viewing one in a specialized viewer? I'll say the same about eog; if the mozilla backend allows it we should open a separate eog window when clicking on a .jpg hyperlink instead of trying to show it within the browser.

I would like to drag an image from an Epiphany window to my desktop and
have that image file copied to my desktop, not a link to the image file.


I would like Nautilus to launch Epiphany (or at least ask to) if you
open a Folder that contains an index.htm[l] file.

Good idea! Perhaps some integration with the 'personal webpage' would be nice here. (or what's that project called I read about, where you put file in some special nautilus folder and at once you can view it as a webpage in your browser?)

In short, I don't want to know that I'm using Epiphany, just that I'm
using GNOME's "browser component."

Dead on! :-)


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