[Epiphany] Re: lots of bookmarks: problem

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 01:08, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> aparently IE 5.5 and above  has an algorithm  to decide if a new window 
> should be started within a new process or within the current one, which is 
> nice for stability. (http://mpt.phrasewise.com/2003/03/25) I guess in theory 
> we could extend this to the bm and history windows and use some IPC to make 
> sure everything works nice together. way future though :) 

That algorithm has created lots of grief to both web developers and
users due to sessions and authentication not working from one window to
another depending on whether they're in the same process or not. This
was especially true in the earliest versions of the algorithm. I think
these days it has either been tuned to work better, or people have
learned to live with it.

If browser windows are run in different processes, it must not be for
anything but separately launched windows (ie, from different command
lines). If you go for that, you should also make sure a command line
always acts the same way, that is, will block until the window launched
is closed. Now a command line launch of epiphany will block that shell
only if epiphany wasn't already running.. That's a pet peeve of mine
with most Gnome programs, gedit being one where it hurts me most.

Ie, that's a pretty hard problem. It could be easier to run the bookmark
manager in a separate process - but why should it then be limited to
Epiphany only, when with little additional work it could support any
browser (the browser-side function, "add bookmark" could be implemented
as with a Javascript callback).

Osma Ahvenlampi <oa@iki.fi>

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