[Epiphany] Re: lots of bookmarks: problem

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes: 

>> > This is a gtk issue, see bug 109292. 
>> OK, I saw this, but what about the other point? Wouldn't it make sense
>> to run the bookmark manager in a separate thread so that the browser
>> windows wouldn't stop refreshing while its working?
> I'm not very clued about gtk and threads, but I probably something like
> this is not possible. Gtk apps that use threads I know, have to keep the
> interface part all in one thread.
> Someone more clued then me about this could very well say that this is
> not true. 
> I'm not convinced using threads would be a real solution anyway, having
> to wait to see bookmarks is not acceptable. There is already a patch on
> that bug and Rhythmbox had an hack for it, in the case the patch doesnt
> get committed to gtk 2.2 branch. We could also disable automatic
> sorting... but that would suck.

Just some food for thought here... 

aparently IE 5.5 and above  has an algorithm  to decide if a new window 
should be started within a new process or within the current one, which is 
nice for stability. (http://mpt.phrasewise.com/2003/03/25) I guess in theory 
we could extend this to the bm and history windows and use some IPC to make 
sure everything works nice together. way future though :) 


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