[Epiphany] Re: lots of bookmarks: problem

> > When I tried to import these to Epiphany 0.5.0 (which I got as a binary,
> > I'm still trying to build 0.6.0), it ate up all my memory (well, 600
> > megs or so, at which point I had to kill it before OOM took the machine
> > down), and apparently failed to import everything, as a quick perl grep
> > revealed some 600-odd bookmarks in the xml file.

This is actually a single-line patch (missing xmlFreeDoc() in
ephy_bookmarks_save()), but I incorporated it in a larger patch that
fixes another performance problem in the import routine. The patch is
attached to http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106598

> > Also, the bookmark manager is horrendously slow - selecting the "all"
> > category blocks the entire browser for almost 10 seconds (850MHz P3).
> > That's actually two problems - it's very slow, AND it blocks all other
> > browser windows (shouldn't those be handled from a different thread or
> > something?).
> This is a gtk issue, see bug 109292.

OK, I saw this, but what about the other point? Wouldn't it make sense
to run the bookmark manager in a separate thread so that the browser
windows wouldn't stop refreshing while its working?

Osma Ahvenlampi <oa@iki.fi>

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