[Epiphany] lots of bookmarks: problem


I'm trying to migrate from Mozilla/Phoenix to Epiphany, as it looks to
be stable enough for that now. My main reason for doing so is bookmark
management - over time, I've collected hundreds of bookmarks, and the
hierarchic menu metaphor simply doesn't work for me any longer. In fact,
my Mozilla bookmarks menu looks to contain 841 bookmarks currently in 50
or so submenus.

When I tried to import these to Epiphany 0.5.0 (which I got as a binary,
I'm still trying to build 0.6.0), it ate up all my memory (well, 600
megs or so, at which point I had to kill it before OOM took the machine
down), and apparently failed to import everything, as a quick perl grep
revealed some 600-odd bookmarks in the xml file.

Also, the bookmark manager is horrendously slow - selecting the "all"
category blocks the entire browser for almost 10 seconds (850MHz P3).
That's actually two problems - it's very slow, AND it blocks all other
browser windows (shouldn't those be handled from a different thread or

Perhaps these have already been addressed in 0.6.0 - in that case, cool,
can't wait to try it (having trouble with libtool, not used to compiling
things under RH9 yet). Otherwise, I'd be happy to file these in
bugzilla. Unfortunately, I'm too much out of C coding practice to be
able to do anything about them myself.. :(

Osma Ahvenlampi <oa@iki.fi>

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