Re: [Epiphany] Re: lots of bookmarks: problem

> > This is a gtk issue, see bug 109292.
> OK, I saw this, but what about the other point? Wouldn't it make sense
> to run the bookmark manager in a separate thread so that the browser
> windows wouldn't stop refreshing while its working?

I'm not very clued about gtk and threads, but I probably something like
this is not possible. Gtk apps that use threads I know, have to keep the
interface part all in one thread.
Someone more clued then me about this could very well say that this is
not true.

I'm not convinced using threads would be a real solution anyway, having
to wait to see bookmarks is not acceptable. There is already a patch on
that bug and Rhythmbox had an hack for it, in the case the patch doesnt
get committed to gtk 2.2 branch. We could also disable automatic
sorting... but that would suck.


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