[Epiphany] Re: Window placement

Mike Burns writes: 

> I don't use GNOME but Epiphany is too nice to pass up. However, I noticed
> an oddity with its window placement that I don't remember in 0.50 (correct
> me if I'm wrong); it seems to place itself where it last was instead of
> letting the window manager place the window. 
> For example, I move it to the top left of my screen, then close it. With
> nothing else on my screen, I open an xterm and place it in the top left.
> Using the xterm I start Epiphany, which is placed over the xterm instead of
> next to it. Then I close Epiphany and test with Galeon and Mozilla, all the
> same size, and they are correctly placed next to the xterm instead of on top
> of it. 
> Is this intentional?

Yes and no. We do save window placement per window, but this creates 
problems for the main window. Maybe we should set a flag for saving 
position, and only save position for bookmarks, history, etc, but not the 
main window. 


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