[Epiphany] Epiphany 0.6.0


* What is it ?

Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla
rendering engine.
The name meaning:
"An intuitive grasp of reality through
something (as an event) usually simple and striking"

You can find more info about the project goals at:

* What's changed ?

Epiphany 0.6.0

Code changes

	* Abstract implementation of EphyNodeView and EphyNodeTreeModel,
	  so they can be shared by history and bookmarks (Marco, Jorn Baayen)
	* Rewrite toolbar editor: more flexible model, do not use xml to build
	  toolbars internally but EggAction directly (Marco)
	* EphyDnd, EphyShell, Session cleanups (Christian Persch)
	* Remove --geometry parameter (it was not being respected anyway) (Xan Lopez)

Interface improvements

	* Update smart bookmarks explanation (Marco)
	* Remove "Epiphany" from desktop files (Marco)
	* Always show tab bar if the user choose to default to tabs (Frank Belew)
	* Add Help menu to the bookmarks editor (David Bordoley)
	* All bookmarks menu on the bookmarks toolbar (Marco)
	* Change the start page uri to home: (Marco)
	* Not categorized special topic (Marco)
	* Ever open tab as last on File->New tab and similars (Marco)
	* Hidden pref for middle click open url, it can be confusing (Marco)
	* Rework the design of the history dialog, not completed,
	  but it's already more usable (Marco, Dave Bordoley)
	* Merge (and fix) Pause/Resume buttons of the downloader (Xan Lopez)
	* Open view source next to the current tab (Xan Lopez)
	* Update View, Zoom, Tabs main menu bar items sensitivity according
	  to the state (Marco)
	* Default bookmarks toolbar. Do not allow to drag items to the
	  other toolbars because it can be confusing. Accessible and more visible
	  way to add bookmarks to the toolbar, in addition to drag and drop (Marco)
	* Add tooltips to all the history and bookmarks menus (Dave Bordoley)
	* Respect user selected font sizes in the home page (Xan Lopez)
	* Add a down arrow to topics in bookmarks toolbars (Dave Bordoley)
	* Save page content by default (Christian Persch)
	* Make new bookmark dialog transient instead of modal (Dave Bordoley)
	* Use epiphany logo in the about window (Xan Lopez)
	* Add and help button to toolbar editor (Dave Bordoley)
	* Allow to resize the two views in bookmarks editor and history using
	  a pane (Dave Bordoley)
	* Save the position of windows on the screen (Dave Bordoley)
	* Consistent use of the term "Bookmarks Bar" in the code, ui and schema.
	  (Dave Bordoley)
	* New default toolbar layout (Dave Bordoley)
	* In the history and bookmarks view pack the icon in the same
	  column of the title (Marco)	
	* Respect View menu toggles also in fullscreen (Lee Willis)

	* Add bugzilla info (Mark Finlay)
	* Register application info (for mimetypes) (Mark Finlay)
	* Fix a compilation bug on 2.95 (Vincent Untz)
	* Fix select all for the bookmarks view (Dave Bordoley)
	* Paste is only sensitive when in a text entry (Dave Bordoley)
	* Fix bookmarks editor context menus to ever refer to the right view (Marco)
	* Update bookmarksmenus sensitivity when the context change
	  rather than after the menu is showed (Marco)
	* Fix crash when opening popups (Marco)
	* Fix crash when accessing secure sites (Dave Camp)
	* Fix back and forward buttons prelighting randomly (Marco)
	* Fix translation of some menus (Christian Neumair)
	* Fix the downloader to remove/pause only current download, not all
	  (Xan Lopez)
	* "Intelligent" selection when an item is removed
	  for history and bookmarks. (Xan Lopez)

Updated translations

	* da (Ole Laursen)
	* es (Francisco Javier Fernandez)
	* ms (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
	* nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
	* no (Kjartan Maraas)
	* pt (Duarte Loreto)
	* pt_BR (Evandro Fernandes Giovanini)
	* sv (Christian Rose)
	* zh_TW (Abel Cheung)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

Epiphany 0.6.0 requires Mozilla 1.3, 1.4a or cvs (tested until build 20030503).

More about dependecies and installation tips:



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