Re: [Epiphany] Page Snapback feature

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 16:25, Grant Stavely wrote:
> > One solution to this problem might be the possibility to "update" an
> > existing bookmark with the current page/location. 
> Epiphany already warns when creating a bookmark that already exists.
> Replacing this annoying alert (users don't care if they have dupes and
> aren't impressed that the browser does) with an "Update bookmark or
> create new in current location?" question could work nicely.
> Even if this is not implemented, the "A bookmark titled /pagename/
> already exists for this page" ought to be replaced with the existing
> bookmark properties, the above smart-bookmarks, or the normal bookmark
> dialog :)

The problem with this is, that you can't update a specific bookmark.
Also Epiphany doesn't warn if you use the same title, only when it's the
same URL.
So for example if I want to update my "Snapback" bookmark to point to
the current position or my "Book I'm currently reading" to a new page of
the book, I have no way to do that (other than deleting the bookmark and
filing it again). It should also be simpler than typing "Snapback" as
the title each time. :) 
And because the current bookmark dialog obviously has no way to select
another bookmark for replacement (and this would probably introduce
horrible bloat), I think that the only good place for this would be the
context menu of the bookmark you want to update. It should also be very
efficient because you would just need to right-click -> replace/update
and it's done. :)


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