[Epiphany] Re: Page Snapback feature

Daniel Borgmann writes: 

> Hello! 
> When I looked at this screenshot:
> http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/screeds/safarisafari/05-bookmarks-history.jpg
> the "SnapBack" thing caught my attention. First I wondered why Apple
> would put something that obscure in their browser, but then I realized,
> that I would use this feature all the time. Every time I'm viewing a
> large list or overview of something, I open links in new tabs, not
> because I want to read them later but because I want to be able to
> quickly return to the overview page. 
> A good example would be reading a footnotes page with lots of comments,
> a bugzilla list or browsing art.gnome.org. 
> Any chance that this will make it into Epiphany? It would make my day.
> :) And it shouldn't even be that hard to do I assume. 
> Daniel

I've read some critical comments on snapback. 

For one mpt makes the point that it can be confusing having two "back 
buttons" that look similar but act slightly different. 

Also the main reason that apple included the snap back feature was to avoid 
the use of a combo box, a gui element that they have historically avoided. 

We can provide snapback functionality pretty easily already anyway. Clicking 
on the combo box down button should display the most recently entered 
addresses in order from most recent to least recent. If it doesn't i 
consider it a bug. 


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