Re: [Epiphany] Page Snapback feature

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 09:46, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> And it should save the scrolling position. The lack of such a bookmark
> is actually the only reason why I never read an online book yet. It's
> just unusable without this possibility.

I have to me-too this -- saving scroll position (like throwing an <a
name="whereIwas"> at the current document location would be as
impressive as when IE 4 was able to remember where one was in a
nested-frame site -- something that would likely be intuitively taken
for granted as a positive feature.

> One solution to this problem might be the possibility to "update" an
> existing bookmark with the current page/location. 

Epiphany already warns when creating a bookmark that already exists.
Replacing this annoying alert (users don't care if they have dupes and
aren't impressed that the browser does) with an "Update bookmark or
create new in current location?" question could work nicely.

Even if this is not implemented, the "A bookmark titled /pagename/
already exists for this page" ought to be replaced with the existing
bookmark properties, the above smart-bookmarks, or the normal bookmark
dialog :)


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