[Epiphany] Re: Page Snapback feature

Daniel Borgmann writes:
> It does, but usually this menu is full of entries with completely equal
> titles so it's useless to me. It is also often difficult to find what
> I'm looking for when I browse too many pages.
> However, how about including the page snapback in this menu as a special
> item (in bold maybe)? Then it can never get lost and one can find it
> easily. You would only need one menu item then (to set the snapback
> page). 
> Daniel 

My personal opinion, is that we should look at tasks and design ui for the 
task. Copying apples features will not lead to good ui, if we thought it 
would, we'd copy safari pixel for pixel. 

So the first question is what is the task that snapback accomplishes in 
safari. Once we have a handle on this issue, we can design ui based on it. 


ps. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just getting a little frustrated with the 
"apple does it, so we should" comments we've been getting from "other 

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