Re: [Epiphany] Re: Two issues...

>From: "David Adam Bordoley" <>
>Subject: [Epiphany] Re: Two issues...
>Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 23:14:02 -0400
> writes:
>>First, when entering a URL, Epiphany will bring up a
>>list of previously visited sites with similar
>>names...on every other browser I've used I can then
>>press tab to cycle through them and pick the one I
>>want. Currently you have to use the down arrow with
>>Epiphany. I find tab to be much more convenient, and
>>every browser I've used except for Epiphany works this
>tab cannot be used because it breaks accessibility keynav. Basically the 
>tab key needs to always move inbetween widgets. See gtk-dev and 
>desktop-devel mailing list for some long threads on this issue.

tab does not break accessibility keynav if the dropdown address field is 
properly implemented.  Each item in the dropdown *is* a widget.  Tab should 
navigate through them just like every other widge and then when you get to 
the end it should continue to navigate.  Besides, ctrl-tab should navigate 
between groups of widgets (toolbar to sidebar to address bar to whatever), 
tab only is reserved for navigating between individual elements and then 
will transition to the next group of elements at the end of the widget list 
for that group.  The only reason tab completion is an issue is because this 
distinction is not clear (or does not exist but should).  For a great 
example of how the tab only navigation makes things *more* difficult and 
unintuitive, try navigating around in Evolution vs navigating around in 
Outlook.  (Outlook=easy and obvious, Evolution=lots and lots of tabbing to 
get anywhere and still doesn't really work right).

>>Second, when using the Find dialog...escape does not
>>close the find dialog. This is another thing that I
>>have grown accustomed to in other browsers and is very
>>convenient. It allows you to search for something
>>without touching the mouse -- ctrl-F, type, enter
>>(repeat), escape.
>There is a HIG bug regarding this. Basically in gnome esc is always bound 
>to cancel, but closing the find dialog is not canceling everything you've 
>done in it. So there is disagreement. please comment on the HIG bug. We 
>plan to follow the HIG recommendation on this issue.

How is this not a "cancel find" operation?  How is keyboard accessability 
supported by this indecision?  It sounds like "cancel" should be changed to 
"dismiss".  I guess this it tough because of the instant apply thing.

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