Re: [Ekiga-list] account with Android 2.3.4 native SIP-client

On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 01:32:03AM +0300, J??nis Rukš??ns wrote:
> > If I use my Android phone, then i have
> >
> > Call-ID: 261a54f294918a1eae37a14f2dc7dc89@
> > CSeq: 8429 REGISTER
> > From: "Bart.Vandewoestyne" <sip:Bart Vandewoestyne ekiga net>;tag=4156217873
> > To: "Bart.Vandewoestyne" <sip:Bart Vandewoestyne ekiga net>
> > Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK686f4bc2b5692c50ca09b29d1f26e6283531;rport
> > Max-Forwards: 70
> > User-Agent: SIPAUA/0.1.001
> > Contact: *
> > Expires: 0
> > Content-Length: 0
> > [...]
> This is something I didn't expect at all - the message your phone
> sends actually asks to unregister everyone from
> sip:Bart Vandewoestyne ekiga net. I can only guess why.

I'm not a SIP-protocol expert.  Can you explain me how you see
this for the above message?  Is it because of the asterisk in the
Contact header?  I have searched, but couldn't find the meaning
of the * in the Contact header.

> It could be that the phone is trying to ensure it is only
> device registered.  Whatever the reason, I expected at least
> two REGISTER messages - the first with the private IP in both
> Via and Contact (to discover it's public IP), followed by a
> second one with the public IP in Contact.

OK.  I'll play a bit more around, getting myself more comfortable
with tcpdump and wireshark for my SIP-protocol debugging...
> The unregister could be a bug, but it is also possible that the
> phone is using it as a way to get the public IP, but doesn't
> send the second REGISTER because of the 606 error code.

OK.  And for as far as I understand it from should not sent this 606 error, right?

So the conclusion is that the problem is actually on the server side and I have to hope that it gets fixed?


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