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On 12/07/10 23:02, Leo Butler wrote:

On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Leo Butler wrote:

<  On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Eugen Dedu wrote:
<   >  I moved the output, after deleting some info, to
<  <  >
<  <  >
<  <
<  <  I am lost, what is the problem in this trace?  Is that you 500 does not work?
<  <  Looking at the trace it seems it works.  I also see some video errors, I do
<  <  not know if they are interesting or not:
<  <  2010/07/12 12:50:14.921   0:16.429              Pool:0xad0d3b70 PVidInDev
<  <  Open()  devName:/dev/video0  videoFd:-1
<  <  2010/07/12 12:50:14.924   0:16.432              Pool:0xad0d3b70
<  <  VideoInputDevice        S_STD failed : Invalid argument
<  <
<  <  --
<  <  Eugen
<  As I originally said, the problem arises when trying to connect with
<  another ekiga client. Only one of the two clients is able to connect
<  to the other, and only the initiator can hang-up (the other party can
<  hang-up, but ekiga freezes and must be killed).
<  I will run my ekiga client in debug mode and post the output.

Ok, here is debugging info for a session where ekiga reported me and
another client online but I was unable to phone the other client (i.e.
after clicking on 'call contact', and ekiga reporting it was making
the call, it would report after a long pause that the other end had
dropped the call. I know that the other end's client did not report
any incoming calls).

I see in this output that you send the INVITE to the other party, and you receive Giving a Try, afterwards you do not receive anything for 30 seconds, and you finally receive Request Timeout.

In a normal communication, you send INVITE, and you receive a Proxy-Authorization packet, you resend the INVITE with authorization, and you receive Giving a Try and OK afterwards, so the communication is done.

I really do not understand what happens in your case. Maybe you do not use STUN (see Preferences, Network Detection). However, I see that STUN is used...

****  Does anyone with SIP knowledge have an idea of what hapens?  ***


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