Re: [Ekiga-list] Yet an other post on Pulseaudio

Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le samedi 17 janvier 2009 à 20:42 +0000, Andrea a écrit :
>> Could it be something like that the alsa-pulse converter does not work very well when one opens and
>> closes continuously the output device? And instead of a continuous flow, we can hear a glitch for
>> every "session".
> It is possible, but if it is the case, then it is a bug in pulseaudio.

I will try to report it, but it would be great to have a standalone example.
Will "try" to extract it from ekiga... (maybe)

>> What is even more strange is that the same does not happen during a call.
>> There, the stream in the volume control is stable and the audio is much better.
>> Does anybody know if there is a difference in the way a wav and the call audio are played?
> The sound events are played the same way, but the audio stream is using
> a constant stream until you disconnect the call.
> Sometimes, the ring is provided by the server, not by Ekiga. In that
> case, it is also a constant stream.
> I think you should report a bug to pulseaudio about this.
> Yes, we need to implement yet another audio backend (namely pulseaudio),
> but they provide a compatibility layer that should work with Ekiga. In
> this case, it does not.

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