Re: [Ekiga-list] Yet an other post on Pulseaudio

Andrea wrote:
> Derek Smithies wrote:
>> Hi,

> On the alsa-pulse: I've noticed that even playing the ring tone directly from the configuration
> dialog, gives a very poor quality (while aplay plays just fine the wav file).
> So maybe we can make up a small example that would simplify the
> either to report the bug to pulse,
> or to fix it in ekiga.

When playing a wav file via the preferences GUI, under PULSE, the following happens:

In PA VolumeControl (pavucontrol) the stream corresponding to ekiga is not stable like e.g. mplayer.
Let's say that the wav is 3 seconds long, then I will see the stream appearing and disappearing many
times per second. I am talking about the stream that allows to change the volume of each application.
At the same time the sound is not smooth at all.

Could it be something like that the alsa-pulse converter does not work very well when one opens and
closes continuously the output device? And instead of a continuous flow, we can hear a glitch for
every "session".

What is even more strange is that the same does not happen during a call.
There, the stream in the volume control is stable and the audio is much better.

Does anybody know if there is a difference in the way a wav and the call audio are played?

The ring is the least important part of the call, but the glitch is very annoying.

Given that I have no experience of audio programming, it is possible that this is nonsense, but it
looks strange.

Just my 2p.


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