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 I think that we have to recognise that pulse audio is here to stay.

Yes, pulseaudio has design issues. Take for instance pulseaudio on ubuntu 8.10. I cannot see how to direct pulseaudio to put sound from one app to one audio device , and sound for a different app to a second audio device.


Asking users to remove pulse audio to make ekiga work is not an option. On some distributions, taking the pulse audio package off will remove a whole host of other packages.

The only reasonable solution is to write a pulse audio plugin for ptlib.
But I was reading elsewhere from some "expert" who said that if you have alsa code that works, you should not need to write anything.

Last time I looked on the pulse audio web page, there was no information on writing a pulse audio plugin for reading&writing sound. Can anyone provide a definitive web page on how to write a valid pulse audio plugin? If you can provide a definitive web page on writing a valid pulse audio plugin that does record and play correctly, then I can write a pulseaudio plugin.

We have had over the years numerous sound systems on linux.
OSS, ESD, ARTS, jack, alsa, pulseaudio, coreaudio come to mind.
Admittedly, some are based on others..
Yet, after years of development, we have no clear winner as being suitable for the desktop. Since sound is a crucial part of gui applications, and since sound deos not work reliably on linux, I find it ludicrous to think that Linux is ready for the masses. Some users have to write custom
asound.conf files. Some have to disable pulseaudio.
Should windows users switch to linux, they will have to battle hard to get basic things (like sound) to work.


 Is the deficiencies of audio in ekiga Damien's, or the plib/opal authors

 No, these people all struggled hard with appalling documentation to write
 something that worked.


On Sat, 10 Jan 2009, Andrea wrote:

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le samedi 10 janvier 2009 à 13:03 +0000, Andrea a écrit :

I was just wondering is anybody has found a more friendly way to let ekiga work with pulseaudio.
Would the support for oss help?

I don't think so. Perhaps you should report the problem to the
pulseaudio guys.

First I need to learn how to disable pulseaudio, then I will have a better clue where the issue is.


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