Re: [Ekiga-list] Yet an other post on Pulseaudio

Derek Smithies wrote:
> Hi,
>  I think that we have to recognise that pulse audio is here to stay.
> The only reasonable solution is to write a pulse audio plugin for ptlib.
> But I was reading elsewhere from some "expert" who said that if you have
> alsa code that works, you should not need to write anything.
> Last time I looked on the pulse audio web page, there was no information
> on writing a pulse audio plugin for reading&writing sound.
> Can anyone provide a definitive web page on how to write a valid pulse
> audio plugin? If you can provide a definitive web page on writing a
> valid pulse audio plugin that does record and play correctly, then I can
> write a pulseaudio plugin.

I know that mplayer and videolan have pulse native output.
It would be good as well to find what exactly ptlib needs the plugin to implement.
PSoundChannel seems to be well documented.

On the alsa-pulse: I've noticed that even playing the ring tone directly from the configuration
dialog, gives a very poor quality (while aplay plays just fine the wav file).
So maybe we can make up a small example that would simplify the
either to report the bug to pulse,
or to fix it in ekiga.

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