Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot make SIP calls with Ekiga 3.0.1

>> This seems like a major regression in functionality... doesn't it?
> I don't think so, because of the auto-completion feature (small combobox
> opened upon typing address).

But it's not auto completing where users expect it to... it's showing
a long URI, but not filling in anything when you press Enter.  To get
the number to "work" you have to click the URI.  Not intuitive or
logical to the non-computer geek.  It's also not "remembering"
previously dialed numbers like 2.0.12 did.

This is change in how Ekiga works definitely not newbie-user friendly.
 I just had my first "What's wrong with the phone?" question a few
minutes ago.  If I was not around they would have simply assumed Ekiga
was broken... as I did an hour or so ago.

This change has made Ekiga harder to use for the average user I deal
with and support - particularly those who use Ekiga as the frontend
for their VoIP provider.  They are not using multiple accounts, and
don't know or care about the SIP URI syntax.  They want to type in a
phone number and have it "just work" exactly as Ekiga 2.0.12 did... in
fact this is one of the reasons I recommended 2.0.12 to so many
people... it worked so well as a frontend to VoIP providers.

> There is an auto-completion feature.
> Also, do you remember the old days when the e-mail addresses could contain
> only user names?  Nowadays, the host name is mandatory...

Nope, I don't remember that.  I started on the Internet (if you can
call it that) in 1989.  I had my first email address at the same time,
and it was a name domain format.  I couldn't do much with it except
send messages within that domain, and then to CompuServe customers,
but I had it... it was part of the services from one of the first
serious BBS providers in the city I lived in.


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