Re: [Ekiga-list] Problems incoming calls.

Le dimanche 15 février 2009 à 10:01 +1000, Bas Driessen a écrit :

> > Are you using STUN in both cases?
> Not sure how to set that in Ekiga. In older versions it was an option
> in the GUI somewhere. The only STUN reference I can see now is in
> gconf (/apps/ekiga/general/nat/stun_server) I left this at the default
> which is Do I leave that setting like that even though
> I am going through a different VoIP provider?
> Also what I want to find out today is if the issue has anything to do
> with the Fedora 10 64 bit build. I have had several 64 bit issues with
> other packages in the past on Fedora. I see that there is also a
> Windows version of Ekiga. I am going to install that on a Windows box
> here just to find out if it is a platform/distribution related issue.
> What I did find out since last posting is that the issue is not
> related to re-registering. Once incoming calls do not work anymore,
> even if I manually go to accounts de-register, register, incoming
> calls still do not work. I have to completely shutdown Ekiga and start
> it up again for it to work.
> Will post back results.

What about twinkle, are you using STUN with twinkle or not ?

Also, could you post a -d 4 output to pastebin with a call attempt ?
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