[Ekiga-list] Problems incoming calls.


I am using Ekiga 3.0.2 on Fedora 10 x86_64 (64 bit). I have a VoIP account with my internet provider and I have setup Ekiga to use that and that all works fine. However, within a couple of minutes, the incoming calls do not work anymore. It goes straight to the voice mail. If I de-register and register again, all works again for a minute or 2 and then same problem. Outgoing calls are fine and stable.

What can be a possible cause and/or what can I do to further investigate. To eliminate the fact that it is not a router/infrastructure etc issue, I have tested with Twinkle. This package seems stable both incoming as outgoing. So the issue appears to be with Ekiga.

How can I see how I am registered in Ekiga? I want to see something like this: <sip:012345678 192 168 1 44>;q=0.500;expires=360. As outgoing calls still work, registration must perhaps get confused somehow and change to something like: <sip:012345678-ksfjklfj 192 168 1 44>;q=0.500;expires=360 (I am only guessing) meaning that I am still connected to a sip server, but not linked anymore to the incoming number.

Any ideas/tips/hints/solutions are appreciated.


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