Re: [Ekiga-list] Compile Problem

> In the original version (sources only), I do not have these files.
> After compilation, I do have these files, but they do not reference resmgr.
Yes it makes me think that I am picking up a file a I shouldn't, from
the old 10.3 system. There should be no reference to resmgr in 11.1.

I did a  make clean and then started again with your configure options,
except I used /user/lib.
I think PTLIB and OPAL went a lot better, I definitely saw messages that
seemed to be including V4L2 this time.

However, on recompiling ekiga I ended up with the same resmgr problem.
Next I thing I will try re extracting the tarball and start with a clean
slate, but it is 03.00 and I am falling asleep.


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