Re: [Ekiga-list] 473 Filtered destination

> I set it to 3600 in gconf 
> (sip:registrar_registration_timeout as well as in 
> accounts_list) but it seems that both settings are
> ignored? The log still says 36000. Is there a
> separate settings at Is there a way
> for me to set it?

Sorry for my monologue... It turned out that the
gconf settings were applied with delay. I tried both
3600 and 600 but the problem persists with the
same behaviour - all communication is halted after
some time. 

The network consists of Zyxel ADSL modem bridged to 
WRT54GL router running Tomato firmware. Using or not 
using port forwarding does not play a role either.
Full log using registration time of 600 is here:
(.tgz is available at the same location if preferred)

It could still be a NAT issue but it would be bit weird 
because there is a SIP hardphone connected to the same
router and it works without any problems with two SIP 
(non-Ekiga) accounts... so I really don\'t know what is
going on here at the moment!


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