Re: [Ekiga-list] Compile Problem

Brian wrote:
Can you provide a full log ?
Do you mean from a ekiga -d 4?

I fear the V4L2 plugin is not installed, but only the 'deprecated' V4L2

I agree, that is what it looks like and last time  I got out of the same
situation by installing the latest pwlib.

I believe I have the latest installed, see below.


pwlib-plugins-v4l2 - V4L2 support for pwlib

This plugin enables 'video for linux' (version 2) support (e.g. for USB
cameras) for pwlib.
The level of support is unspecified

pwlib-plugins-v4l2-1.10.10-56.2 - V4L2 support for pwlib

This is the old plugin.

ekiga 3.0 compiles only with the latest versions of ptlib (previously caled pwlib) and opal: ptlib 2.4.2 (you have here 1.10.10) and opal 3.4.2.


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